Pinerock Development, a diversified land development company focused on the development of raw land throughout the Northeast United States with a keen interest in banking land.

Pinerock Development banks properties and negotiates them through the entitlement process. We take raw land from zone changes to final agency approvals and have a history of resolving entitlement issues and development constraints. Working with the local officials we strive to develop sites that are consistent with the goals of the municipalities while at the same time ensuring an economically viable product. With the ever increasing obstacles in the development process, Pinerock Development is ready, willing and able to work with State and Local governments to transform an under-utilized site into a beautiful neighborhood that attracts families, business and a strong spirit of community.

The land acquisition team at Pinerock Development determines the suitability of a site through an internal decision process that considers market conditions challenges and opportunities. Every aspect of a site is examined including adherence to zoning ordinances, impacts to surrounding communities the environment and demand for product. Our land acquisition professionals use the latest technology, information, and software to evaluate potential sites.

Pinerock Development takes title of a property and negotiates it through the entitlement process. This enables companies to take their equity out of real estate inventory for this period of time and reinvest it into operations and other opportunities. Through our extensive land bank and aggressive acquisition approach we have the capacity to provide end users with a tailor made custom product. Our services have been successfully utilized by large and midsized corporations.

Pinerock Development was established with the awareness of the shrinking inventory of easily buildable properties. At Pinerock we realized there is a need for a company which had the expertise to find, analyze and develop properties in a building industry which had to contend with the ever increasing constraints. Environmental concerns such as wetlands, endangered species, storm water management and historical pollution patterns all had to be investigated and addresses. Local communities began to revise and tighten
zoning regulations due to available water and sewer capacities, increasing school enrolments, and the need and/or desire to maintain an open space inventory for active and passive recreational uses.

One can see how it all adds up: Through our extensive database, aggressive acquisition approach, technology and know how in finding sites we can thoroughly research any given area that will result in concrete acquisitions at attractive prices and provide an end user with a tailor made ready to build “shovel ready” product.